WDAY: The News Leader

Published January 27, 2011, 08:45 AM

City leaders continue to work with homeowners on the buyout list

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) – There is surprising and last minute news from the D-N-R for the city of Moorhead today. The city will get another 1-million dollars for flood buyouts. That's on top of the 2-million the city received more than a week ago.

Moorhead city leaders say it needs about 4.2-million for all the buyouts. The money must be spent by March 1st. The deadline to accept or decline a flood buyout from the City of Moorhead has come and gone for 23-home owners along the Red. Some took the offer, others are choosing to stay. WDAY six reporter Dylan Wohlenhaus spoke with Moorhead city leaders to see what's next.

About 17 of the 23-homes on the buyout list were sold to the city. City leaders say they will continue to work with home owners to offer them a fair price. The city offered each homeowner 108-percent of each homes value.

City Manager Mike Redlinger says that offer still stands, but if home owners come to them at a later date and want to sell, he says the lines of communication will be open.

Mike Redlinger: "If folks have not wanted to be acquired, we have not forced them in to a conversation with us to be acquired. We strongly encourage them to consider it because we do view this funding opportunity as drying up after this year."

Redlinger says the city didn't expect everyone to accept the buyout, and that it still doesn't change its flood preparations. At the end of February the city will work to prepare and eventually move each home it purchased.

Since 2009, Moorhead has purchased 104-homes along the river. It doesn't expect to move the newest homes by this year's flood.