WDAY: The News Leader

Published January 21, 2011, 11:04 AM

Southeastern ND town is being overrun by deer

Streeter, ND (WDAY TV) - The small town of Streeter in southeast North Dakota is being overrun by deer. People in Streeter say between 200 and 300 deer have taken up residence and shelter this winter. WDAY 6 photojournalist Brian Sellin traveled to the town of 150, where there are now more deer than people.

DEBBIE ZIMMERMAN: “They're everywhere, everywhere. I mean they walk up to my neighbor’s front porch and set off her motion light when we're in bed. You'll wake up and see this flashing light and you know what it is. They are really bad this winter and have been for years because of all the snow.”

KYLE SPITZER: “This year seems to be one of the worst ones because we got a lot of snow, some cold with it, so pretty much all the time, day or night, you see them walking the streets or any place you go main street side street doesn't matter they are always there. They are a problem but to my knowledge I don't think we can really do much about it there here and are gonna keep coming unless you shoot them all the time but that'd be a lot of deer to shoot and wouldn't be right.”

STEVEN WENTZ: “As far as I remember it’s been going on for ten years at least. I think there's a few more this year then there had been the last few years but its close. This year it seems there is like 2 to 300, something like that. They get in to hay right with the cows and like I said they eat right out of the feeders beside them. Sometimes I got between 80 to 100 eating hay right outta the same feeders I feed the cows. As long as they don't jump on top and ruin it I don't mind it so much. They got a hard time making it out there. We got houses and they don’t.”

Game and Fish say the deer have an easier time getting around in town, where they can eat shrubs and grain on the ground, than they can in the snow-covered countryside.