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Published January 17, 2011, 08:49 AM

Henning students face expulsion after they were overheard making threats with a gun

Henning, Minn. (WDAY TV) - School officials in Henning are investigating multiple school threats tonight. The principal says 2 students made the threats against staff and other students and now police are involved.

School officials tell us it was two students who made the threats towards staff members and other students. They have been suspended for 10-days, now they're facing expulsion.

Thomas Williams, Henning’s principal says the threats were made early last week. He says the two students were overheard making threats with a gun towards himself and other students.

Thomas Williams: "After interviewing and dealing with the students themselves, we thought we had enough to suspend and move towards expulsion."

Williams says, the two students are currently suspended and the district is looking to expel the students. Police did investigate the threats. No gun was every found, and no threat was every carried out.

Thomas Williams: "Your frustrations, you’re mad at a moment. Those things are going to be put under the microscope and all of the sudden your in jeopardy of not attending school."

The students have until the 27th. That's when the district can hear their case, and they can deny or accept the allegations against them. Williams says its unlikely the two students will face criminal charges.