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Published January 16, 2011, 08:50 AM

Make-up That Never Washes Off: Some in Grand Forks Are Fans

Do you ever wake up wanting to look like celebrities on TV who already have make-up on? Now the fake morning makeup can be a reality for you, thanks to a new service being offered in Grand Forks.

By: Casey Wonnenberg, WDAZ

Jessi Hagen is a make-up expert at Truyu Aesthetic Center. She's been doing permanent make-up in Grand Forks for about a month.

"The number one thing is they just don't want the hassle anymore," Hagen said.

That's why Gina Busse did the permanent makeup procedure.

"I had the eyeliner-upper and lower eyeliner done," Busse said.

She did it very subtly at first, but would like to make the line a little thicker.

"Mostly because I do eyeliner every single day anyway. I don't ever leave the house without make-up on, and it just kind of shortens that getting ready in the morning," Busse said.

Out of all the makeup, permanent eyeliner is the most popular in Grand Forks so far.

"If they go out in public with no make-up on, that's the one thing they will apply before they leave the house," Hagen said.

While the make-up may be more Orange County than Grand Forks County right now, Hagen says it's catching on.

"In the United States it's definitely popular, but in our region it's probably one of the least popular things as of right now. As I'm doing it, though, people are always interested, showing interest by coming and getting the consultations done," Hagen said.

Hagen thinks that in a few years, or even just months, this beauty business is really going to pick up in our area.

Hagen says usually the procedure is not too painful.

There is some redness and slight swelling right afterward, but that usually goes away after a day or so.