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Published January 16, 2011, 08:32 AM

Gas Prices Keep Rising

Grand Forks, ND (WDAZ TV) - Gas prices seem to never stop rising, but as prices move near $3.25, we're seeing a 40-cent increase over last year at this time. Some in the area are having to look for other ways to save money just to get around.

By: Lezlie Johnson, WDAZ

Bruce Naustdal is in Grand Forks spending time with family.

"This is kind of a pleasure trip, I left Hutchinson this morning 300 miles from here and I'm dropping my grandson off," Naustdal said.

With 300 miles left to go, Naustdal is surprised when filling up his car at $3.19 a gallon.

"I'm watching prices all the time. I'm paying the most here in Grand Forks that I've paid in a long time," Naustdal said.

Grand Forks has some of the highest prices around the state. According to triple A, averages in Grand Forks are about $3.23 a gallon, in Fargo $3.11. Both towns have seen almost a 40 cent increase from this time last year.

Matthew Bartsch has worked at a gas station in Grand Forks for over a year and has noticed a difference.

"Couple of years ago it spiked a little bit higher, but yeah this is pretty high from what I've seen," Bartsch said.

Although there may not be much people can do about rising gas prices, some find other ways to get around town. And for people like Naustdal, living in a small town helps.

"By car, we can go across the entire town in ten minutes, so if I had to I could walk or take a bike. I don't have an electric car so I'm kinda stuck. I'll pay whatever they charge, I'll just drive less," Naustdal said.

The highest recorded average in Grand Forks was over $4 a gallon.