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Published December 08, 2010, 08:27 AM

DUI enforcement officer hit by a drunk driver twice

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The North Dakota State Patrol arrests hundreds of drunk drivers every year to try and prevent accidents, but one trooper in our area didn't have to look far for impaired drivers. 2 have hit him.

Sergeant Troy Hischer is heading in to his 14th year with the State Patrol. With DUI enforcement team written on the side of his car, he's always looking for drunk drivers, but drunk drivers seem to find him.

Troy Hischer: "Some odd things happen to us regardless if it’s a traffic crash or making an arrest."

In 2009 Hischer was hit by a drunk driver who turned in to him. This is video from inside his car just this past weekend. Another accident where he was rear ended by another drunk driver heading East on 94. Hischer walked away from both un-hurt.

Troy Hischer: "It’s amazing that they can do that from my point of view, but that's what alcohol does to drivers."

Hischer has been in two more crashes but those drivers weren't drinking. You could call it a string of bad luck that Hischer's family worries about more than he does.

Troy Hischer: "I think my children worry about it. I try and down-play it with them because for me it’s not a huge deal. It’s by far better to happen to me, than some other citizen or a family."

As another day on the job winds down, Hischer knows he is living proof of the danger of drunk driving and the every unexpected encounter on the job of a state trooper.

Troy Hischer: "Oh, I feel pretty lucky. And I will avoid the next one If I can."

Hischer took a day off last weekend for a sore back, but was back to work Monday morning.