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Published December 02, 2010, 08:46 AM

Guns stolen from home while the owner was underneath

West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A West Fargo man isn't sure what to think about a bizarre burglary that's baffling police. He says he was robbed while he was underneath his home. The officer who responded to the call for help has finished filing the report. It's been forwarded to investigators. Tonight, we take a look at this unique case the city of West Fargo seldom sees.

By: Travis Skonseng, WDAY

“I thought it was a prank.”

One day after someone broke into this mobile home, West Fargo homeowner Curt Holmgren is puzzled.

“I think it's pretty weird.”

Holmgren was fixing frozen water pipes. It was then, just feet away, he says someone simply walked into his unlocked home, as he lay underneath it.

“I heard a little commotion, but I thought my roommate was just here.”

After three hours, Holmgren went inside. His roommate was home, but sleeping.

“Noticed there's a couple items that were scattered along the floor that weren't like that when he went in and drew, it drew his attention to the gun cabinet.”

“What'd the dog get into something? I turn around and my guns were all gone.”

Five guns in all: Two rifles, two shotguns, and a pistol, some of them family heirlooms.

“Guns from my dad, a couple of them were and just my guns I've had for years and I go hunting with.”

“It's obviously a cause for concern anytime missing guns go missing.”

Holmgren isn't sure if he was targeted, but we have learned that unlocked gun cabinet is in a back room of the home, leading some to question if the suspect knew the layout of the land.

“What you do? It's a trailer home. If they want to get in, they can.”

Police say there weren’t any evidence left behind and no signs of forced entry. They have no suspects.