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Published November 30, 2010, 10:09 AM

High winds turn cleared driveways into a drifted mess

Lake Park, Minn. (WDAY TV) - It's the worst kind of weather for a shoveler. High winds can turn a freshly shoveled driveway into a drifted mess in just minutes.

It's a windy wintery mess in Lake Park, perfect for anyone who likes plowing snow.

"It's just kind of fun. I like getting up in the morning plowing getting out in the morning."

After clearing his own driveway, Bob Hovede (huv-dee) plows snow off of the lot at his business Continental Land on Highway 10. For the past 20 years Hovede has been pushing snow with this suburban, enough time to rack up a quarter of a million miles on the vehicle.

“I have a four-wheel drive tractor with a snowblower on it, but it's cold, I like this one much better."

Further into the town, clearing snow was on most homeowners’ agenda as well. Unfortunately for them they were exposed to the wind with a shovel in hand.

"Its nice light and fluffy and it handles well. The Dakota snowblade handles it pretty good."

With the wind gusting from 30 to 40 miles per hour all day and open fields surrounding the small town, the harsh reality for people who cleared snow this morning is they'll have to do it again tonight.

“I got some other plowing, but I'll be back here later today."

"Well you do it in stages. You don't wait until it piles up so deep that you can't get to it, you just do a little bit at a time, wait and do it all over again."

The Lake Park area received between 3 to 5 inches of snow.

Employees with Lake Park had to adjust their schedule to accommodate what the wind was stirring up.

Employees started clearing the main roads around 5 this morning. It didn't take long to realize what they were plowing was just being blown back on the roads. So they went to a split shift taking the mid morning to afternoon off.

“There's no sense in cleaning twice. If we clean it while it's storming out, we'll end up having to clean it again so just wait.”

It takes about 7 hours for the 3 employees to clear the town.