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Published November 30, 2010, 09:31 AM

Cutting Costs: Ways to reduce your monthly heating bill

(WDAY TV) - Cold temperatures are creating high bills for a lot of homeowners, but there are many things you can do to save money. WDAY 6 reporter Bill Schammert separates myth from fact, on ways to reduce your monthly bill.

There are some ways you can reduce costs this winter when heating your home. One of the most important is reducing some common mistakes.

Kevin Wolf: “Fire places really aren't meant to heat your home efficiently. They are great in emergencies.”

Some may think using a space heater will save on heating costs, but really you’re just transferring the costs to your electric bill.

Wolf: “Right now electricity costs more than gas cost. Most space heaters are electrical so they are going to draw electricity while their heater is also running.”

When people come inside on a day like today, they like to get their house as warm as possible as quickly as possible. So the first thing many people will do is go straight to their thermostat. A common misconception is that by cranking your thermostat by 8-10 degrees you are going to warm your house faster. In fact that is not true. Cranking your thermostat only a degree or two is going to heat your house just as fast.

Wolf: “When you turn up the thermostat, it is calling for heat, but it gradually heats your home to the point you set it at.”

Still, Wolf says the easiest way to save money when heating your home is to make sure you have a clean, efficient furnace.

Wolf: “First of all, take care of your furnace or heating system annually. Cleaning that increases the efficiency, checks over all the safety features and keeps your system running efficiently.”

Another tip is to install a programmable thermostat to cool the house down while you are at work or asleep. Another easy way to reduce costs is to make sure all your windows are completely sealed.