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Published November 25, 2010, 09:45 AM

Shoppers go to extremes to find Black Friday discounts

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year, but some people just couldn't wait that long. WDAY-6 reporter Bill Schammert caught up with some people who cut Thanksgiving a little short to wait in line for some Black Friday discounts.

It's a day when stores slash prices and open early, hoping to outsell their competitors. But for shoppers to receive the discounted prices, they better get in line early, but on a frigid November day, that's easier said than done.

Matt Lien: "The wind. That's pretty much the only thing that will get you out here. I can deal with the temperature. When it's being blown in your face it hurts."

Wind chills reached as cold as -30 last night for Lien, who's been waiting outside the Fargo Best Buy since midnight. He's been doing this for several years now to get bargains. This year's shopping list includes an external hard drive.

Lien: "We are always planning weeks ahead for this. Who's heading up? Who's going which year? I just go every year because it's fun for me now."

"For some holiday shoppers the eve of Black Friday it's about tradition, no matter the temperature, but for others Thanksgiving is still about family."

Kyle Roberts: "It's a good bonding experience; it allows us to spend time with our dad. Since we are so busy with our sports we don't get to hangout to long. So this gives us an opportunity to hangout and chat.”

The Roberts' family from West Fargo Is postponing their family Thanksgiving until tomorrow, braving negative temperatures tonight in hopes of finding some discounted laptops in the morning.

"Its cold, but as soon we get in the tent it will be warm. We got a heater going and sleeping bags."

Best Buy will open at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. As many of you prepare to shop until you drop this Black Friday, the Better Business Bureau has a few helpful hints. Check Return Policies and Refunds.

Many stores are tightening their policies so make sure to ask for gift receipts. Gift Cards: New federal guidelines help protect consumers from being taken advantage of by stores. Check gift card policies before you buy and Check out the Company.

If you are shopping a store for the first time, go to the Better Business Bureau's website