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Published November 26, 2010, 09:04 AM

Black Friday: Thousands flock to all sorts of stores in Fargo

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - It's the day of the bargain shopper. It's black Friday! Some shoppers had been battling the cold and standing in front of stores since Wednesday night. This is the scene outside Best Buy just before the store opened its doors. The line wrapped halfway around the building.

The item everyone here was talking about was, of course, TV's and laptops. We asked people their strategy for when the doors open.

“Run fast, keep those sneakers laced, but that's about it, it's basically a strength type of thing you know.”

Best Buy's G-M says lines were a little shorter this year because other stores opened way earlier and once those stores did open, the craziness began. After waiting in those freezing temperatures shoppers took off when the doors opened.

Thousands of people flocked to all sorts of stores in Fargo. Everyone was looking for that big steal.

"I grabbed a new TV, home theatre system, printer, and a couple of games. I probably had 600 dollars at least savings."

Most people told us they came with a plan and with all of the stores opening at different times this year people were up early and bouncing from store to store.

But if you really wanted something at one store, you had to fight the cold. We found out most people had been through this day before and figured out the best way to beat the weather was a rotation system. While one person waits in line the other rests up in the warm car, then switch. No sleep, cold weather and long lines; let’s hope everyone got the deal they were looking for.

Store managers say they thought the push for online shopping this year would slow things down, but all of the stores say they were as busy as past years. Kohls was one of the stores in town to make a change and open its doors at 3 AM.

Cars started piling up in the parking lot around midnight. The store opened an hour earlier than past years. People in the front of the line said they heard items would run out so they wanted to be here first.

“1:30 that's about when people started showing up that's when we all got out of the cars and stood in line.”

The stores manager said e-readers, luggage and small electronics were their biggest sellers. West Acres had 8 of its stores open their doors at Midnight.

It was for people who just chose to forget about any sleep last night. Another chunk of stores opened started opening at 3 A-M. And even some of the little shops to grab a snack started around 3-30.