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Published November 15, 2010, 03:02 PM

Daughter from the family featured in 'Blindside' talks about the importance of giving

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A story of a young football player who overcame obstacles and whose story hit the Hollywood screen became part of a special day on giving in Fargo today.

By: WDAY Staff Reports, WDAY

Today, the daughter of the family featured in Blindside came to Fargo as part of National Philanthropy Day. Collins Tuohy spoke about the importance of giving whether it is big or small.

Tuohy, and her family, along with Michael Orr are the inspiration behind the Hollywood Blockbuster Blindside. She travels the country now as an inspirational speaker and someone who herself works with charities.

She has particular interest in the high number of teen-age children who are in foster care, and not being adopted.

“That has shocked me honestly and we really try to put our fist down. Emancipated is a horrible word and we should not have to age out of foster care and not be adopted and not 100 sure how to help but again it is the small things.”

The movie that featured the Tuohy family became the number one opening weekend sports film in history.