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Published November 11, 2010, 01:35 PM

New York Mills 6th grader delivers thank you cards for veterans

Fergus Fall, Minn. (WDAY TV) - How do you learn so much about history when you're not in school? Ask Heather Weller. The New York Mills 6th grader is starting something special to honor veterans.

For the veterans living in Fergus Falls, the special day of remembering those who fought our nations wars, brought them one special guest.

Jan Haller: "Oh, the first time I saw her I thought it was wonderful that she does things like that."

Heather Weller is like many kids her age. Active in sports, dance and busy with school. But unlike most her age, she spent the last year hand crafting veteran thank you cards.

Heather Weller: "I just make time, and when ever I get home from school I get to work."

She made 85-cards herself. Her classmates helped, making about 300 and 180 people around the county replied to her e-mails asking for a simple thank you.

Vern Gnahn: "That was really wonderful; I'm glad people think of us and recognize us."

Heather decided to give out thank you’s after a class trip to the vet’s home last year. Last Veterans Day she handed out thank you’s to the vets here, but this year with the help of the many strangers who sent her back e-mails, she was able to hand out many more.

Heather Weller: "It makes me feel proud, and I like just seeing the smiles on their faces."

Many, much older than Heather still may not understand the sacrifice out veterans made. But for these vets, they are great full for the appreciation no matter the size or the age. Heather says she wants to make giving thank you cards to veterans a yearly thing.