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Published November 10, 2010, 08:10 AM

Family members confront the man who admits to killing a rural Mahnomen couple

Mahnomen, Minn. (WDAY TV) - An incredible and heart wrenching scene this afternoon in a Mahnomen County Courtroom as an admitted murderer was sent to prison, and family was left to mourn the loss of those he took from them. 53-year old Timothy Thorson today was sentenced to 66-years in prison for killing a rural Mahnomen farm couple: Francis an Ethyl Lundon. They are murders that Thorson confessed to. He had been living at a treatment center not far from the Lundon home.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

Family members told Thorson: "He shook their family tree, but did not break it."

These family photos released today affirmed what the Lundon children and grandchildren knew all along. Their parents Francis and Ethyl were pretty special, caring, and willing to help anyone. And so as their killer walked into court to hear his fate, many of them told the judge that Timothy Thorson is a cold blooded killer doing the work of the devil. Shooting and killing a couple that would today would be the first to forgive. I one daughter wrote, cannot.

BRENDA LUNDONFAMILY MEMBER: “The angry and vindictive feelings we have are not normal and hard to bear.”

One by one, family members came to court, and told Thorson he had torn their lives apart. Thru tears, another said, I hope you wake up every day and feel the fear and terror my parents did moments before you shot them.

“They were trusting people and would have welcomed anyone in to their home.”

Thorson did not ask for any leniency. In fact he accepted consecutive sentences that add up to 66 years. He even turned to the family and said he was sorry, and told them if there was an executioner in court today, he'd take the death sentence, adding he would let the family do it.

“I don't see any emotion in his face, nothing in his eyes. Don't believe a word he said.“

JULIE BRUGGEMANMAHNOMEN COUNTY ATTORNEY: “The brutality of the murders was so horrifying to the family and community that was the only option available.”

The family went on to call Thorson a cold blooded killer whose heartless crime they say has left the community reeling.

“There are people who just don't feel safe anymore.”

For the family, there is this trying to wrestle with how quickly this all happened. The killings just a month and a half ago, one hearing, no trial, and the man behind it all headed to prison, saying he does not fear prison, he fears God.

“We want him locked up so he doesn't do this to another family.”

It leaves all those mourning and grieving, still wondering why and knowing life without these two, will be painful.

“We will pull together and do what we need to.”

Mahnomen county officials do not recall a murder case going through the courts so quickly. It took just five weeks to charge and sentence Thorson. The process moved so fast because he confessed and did not want his attorney to negotiate a more lenient sentence.