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Published November 09, 2010, 08:20 AM

Mothers band together to combat bullying

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - It is unfortunate they even had to form a group. Three mothers who never knew each other until recently, have banded together to form a team to combat bullying. They and their children have all been battling bullies on their own, but it took the Cassidy Andel's death last week, to finally force the issue on to the front burner.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

It was her picture and story that did it. Cassidy Andel's ongoing battle with bullying that finally took her life has left this group of mothers with no option but to take action.

CASSIE EARLESKIDS Rights: “Physically assaulted in school and on school property and nothing was done about it.”

Cassie Earles of Valley City, Christine Heinze of Fargo, and Amy Brubaker of rural Kindred all have children who are victims of bullying. And all victims they say of schools that don't listen. Amy's 13-year old daughter gets hateful comments and messages texted to her by classmates.

“My daughter disclosed to my husband and I that she no longer wants to live anymore and she want to die and that if it was legal to kill her they would.”

AMY BRUBAKERKIDS Rights: “We had her phone and the text messages and he said I can do something about this but it is going to get worse.”

The three mothers have formed one team to combat bullying. A meeting is set later this week in Valley City and a candle light ceremony later this month.

CHRISTINE HEINZEKIDS Rights: “Electronically verbally words do hurt.”

All the parents say the children can hardly learn in this environment. This ongoing problem few have answers for. Christine's son Connor is the force behind a rough draft of an anti-bullying law in ND that could reach lawmakers desk this session.”

“I just got tired of him being upset and trying to kill himself.”

Those are the stories these parents want the state legislature and others to hear, publicly sharing the children's private and tragic tales that are anything but growing pains. That anti-bullying meeting is set for Friday night in Valley City at the VFW. It starts at 6:00.