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Published October 24, 2010, 10:15 AM

Tea Party Brings Together Supporters of All Ages

One teen who's not even old enough to vote yet is already interested in politics. Organizers of a Tea Party Rally in Grand Forks want to educate even the youngest of people what they're about.

By: Lezlie Johnson, WDAZ

13-year-old Andi Chandler is in Grand Forks attending one of her first political events.

"Just learning, just getting ready for the future and trying to learn more about this stuff," Chandler said.

The tea party rally brought people of all ages together who want to see change in government or just to learn a little more about political beliefs.

"I would go to a democratic thing just to learn how the other side is and compare it to my world view," Chandler said.

The Tea Party is a conservative group, whose supporters say want more jobs, a limited role for government and strong support of the Constitution.

"We need to bring manufacturing back, we need to bring jobs back. If that would happen in this country, we wouldn't need a tea party." voter John Jenniges said.

Speakers say events like this are crucial during this last week before the election, and meeting with other supporters inspires them.

"With this party, it helps me with the groundwork knowing "Hey, look the Constitution is what I need to stand on. I need to take that and move forward with it," speaker Michael Coachman said.

Moving forward, inspiring young voters along the way.

"To just know the different beliefs and understandings and that gives them more reason to choose whatever side and then also with family because there are different opinions," Coachman said.

Supporters say this is the final push to get voters out to the polls.