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Published October 20, 2010, 08:57 AM

Parents: Jamestown school district needs stricter bullying rules

Jamestown, ND (WDAY TV) - Some parents in Jamestown say that the school district isn't doing enough about bullying. Margo and Roger Haut say they've asked for stricter bullying rules at many school board meetings. They say the district doesn't think a change is needed.

A parent of Jamestown students, Roger Haut says he just wants the best for his kids.

Roger Haut: "Other schools have had their bullying policies in effect and their continuing to update them and stuff and the bottom line is we don't have one and we should have one."

Haut says the district's policy, dealing with harassment and bullying is too vague and there aren't concrete ways on how to discipline kids who bully.

Roger Haut: "It’s a good school district, very good, but like in anything there's always room for improvement."

District leaders say, while they do see bullying in Jamestown, there have only been a few cases. Nothing like the problems we've heard about nationwide about bullying leading to suicides.

Bob Toso: "We can’t accept that just because we just don't have things reported that bullying isn't happening here"

The district policy on bullying says "An administrator will investigate all complaints, and refer them to the superintendent". Consequences range from seeing a counselor to criminal charges, depending on the circumstance.

The district says they have cameras, teachers, and a resource officer watching the hallways.

Toso says the Hauts claims that more should be done is un-necessary.

Are they fair criticisms?

Bob Toso: "I guess in their minds they are."

But you don't think they are?

Bob Toso: "No I don't."

Until change they say the district needs, the Hauts will continue to ask for stricter and clear cut discipline and rules against bullying. District leaders say they'll continue to look at its bullying and harassment policies and they say if a change needs to be made, they'll gladly make adjustments.