WDAY: The News Leader

Published October 12, 2010, 10:34 AM

Security added near schools after a student was threatened by a stranger

West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Police are keeping careful watch over West Fargo schools after an incident that heightened security needs for students. Two extra officers are sticking by local schools while South Elementary teachers are adding an extra lesson.

Alexa/Parent: “That's really unsettling considering I have a 6-year old who goes here. He's pretty aggressive, but still that's unnerving.”

Loren Kersting/S. Elementary Principal: “It's scary!”

When one of South Elementary's walkers ran from a man who threatened her while on her way to school, the principal says the 8-year old did everything right and he directed teachers to spend time reiterating that message in class.

Kersting: “Not panic, but aware of stranger danger.”

He also asked some teachers to stand watch after school.

Kersting: “Keep eyes open, if they see or hear anything...”

Kersting says he hasn't received any calls from concerned parents but hopes they're taking time to discuss the topic at home. In this week's school newsletter, Kersting provides some easy steps for how to bring it up and suggestions for what kids can do to stay safe.

Alexa/Parent: “That's unnerving.”

Ken Zeeb/West Fargo Police Detective: “The best thing to do is to take off yelling and screaming.”

As police also work to spread awareness, they'll make sure people are aware of them. Officers will spend more time patrolling before and after school and at recess, when Zeeb says kids are most vulnerable.

Alexa/Parent: “Glad they're doing something about it.”

Stranger danger is a part of the curriculum in West Fargo schools. Police have not arrested anyone and have no suspects. They received one call about a similar incident in Fargo, but the descriptions of the suspects differed.