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Published October 08, 2010, 02:24 PM

Drug dog sweep tags 11 vehicles in Fargo South High School parking lot

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A drug sweep by police dogs has lead to a big drug bust in Fargo schools. 6 students from Fargo South face drug charges, the most in one day in at least 10 years.

During a routine sniff search of Fargo South High School lockers and parking lot, canines alerted police to 11 vehicles. They are trained to recognize the odor of marijuana, crack, cocaine and meth.

The search Thursday morning was requested by the school, but Assistant Superintendent Lowell Wolff says it was a routine check that happens about twice a year, and not based on any tips.

Lowell Wolff: “We hope you don't find anything, but we do, and we have in the past. The goal is to deter it from happening again.”

Of the 11 vehicles flagged, 6 contained evidence of drugs. 1 contained marijuana, 1 contained alcohol and almost all of them had drug paraphernalia. Students say they know people using this kind of stuff, but say it's dumb they brought it to school.

Sgt. Joe Anderson: “It's illegal so we don't want anyone to have it, and we certainly don't want kids having it at school.”

Police can't release the students' names because they're minors, but 6 cases have been forwarded to juvenile court. Wolff says the students will keep attending school. Those involved in activities will have to sit out at least 6 weeks.