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Published October 04, 2010, 08:19 AM

Extreme Home Makeover: The Grommesh home is moved off its foundation

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - One of Fargo-Moorhead's busiest highways today became an action-filled Hollywood set as Extreme Makeover moved the Grommesh home off its foundation. WDAY 6 Reporter Kevin Wallevand has been outside the Worksite today, and watched the big move.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

What is so amazing tonight is what is not here. It took a moving company just hours to lift up and roll that Grommesh house off the blocks.

While most of us slept, overnight the Huwe ( Huey) Movers of Minot worked like elves to prepare the Grommesh home for this incredible move.

“It is crazy to see the house up.”

“It is for a good cause, so you do it.”

Using timbers, iron and tires, 20 workers carefully lifted the makeover home to make room for the much anticipated new Grommesh home. Meantime, city workers quickly used front end loaders to create makeshift road out to 8th Street.

TYRONE LESLIEHERITAGE HOMES: “Every day is a month. If you look at this property in 24 hours you will see a months worth of work in 24 hours.”

“It is going to get moved. Whoo Hoo.”

The challenge today not only moving this house but preparing the lot for a new house in just days. Along the highway, fans of the show lined up to sneak a peak of the historic move.

“It is surreal that they can do that.”

Traffic stopped, cameras clicked, and a highway became a sound stage.


Grandma Grommesh came to see it. Slowly, it inched its way on to Highway 75, first heading south. Ty Pennington and other stars of the show were riding in the now mobile home.

It indeed is the biggest show in town with some great acts yet to come and a new place for the Grommeshes to call home.

“About 4 and a half months and we have to do it in 4 and a half days.”

That house took the long way home. It headed down Highway 75 a few miles, went East and then back up to North Moorhead to a family that will call it home.

With a popular network show like Extreme Makeover in town, the attention is bound to help the Grommesh's non-profit: Hope Incorporated. For years, the Grommesh family has used the charity to work with children with disabilities.

The goal is to equip them and get them involved in sports and activities around the valley, from ice hockey to skiing to baseball. With all the nation wide attention expected, those who work with the charity have big dreams for Hope.

“They have done much to make this and develop this program. We have seen it from the beginning. It is exciting to see the future now we are not sure how big it will get it is exciting.”

F-M-C-T, along with Music Theatre of Fargo Moorhead, will be putting on a special benefit for the Grommesh family Wednesday night at 8. They're putting on the musical: "I love you. You're Perfect, Now Change."