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Published October 03, 2010, 07:38 AM

Moorhead family ambushed by ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - A South Moorhead family that spends every day helping children with disabilities is tonight beginning a life-changing week. Bill and Adair Grommesh, along with their two children Garrett and Peighton, were ambushed this morning by "ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." The Grommeshes run Hope Incorporated, a local charity that helps disabled children take part in sports and other activities.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

A sheet of ice at South West Arena in Fargo became the stage for an emotional, chaotic day for family tonight, taking its first vacation ever!

“Thank you so much.”

Still dazed and crazed by the news, Adair Grommesh hugged those who know her best.

“Whoooo. Can you believe it? Finally, i cannot believe it Lisa.”

Minutes earlier, the crew from Extreme Makeover surprised the crowd and the Grommesh family by coming out on to the ice, where the announcement was made. The Grommeshes were going on vacation and will come home to a new house.

“We will have all the holidays at our house.”

“Very intense, very exciting; could not believe it was happening.”

“It feels like we are part of this dream. I don't want it to end. We feel so blessed.”

The Grommeshes are well known for operating a grass roots non profit called Hope Inc. which gives kids with disabilities the chance to take part in sports and other activities.

“Words cannot describe what I am thinking right now or feeling right now.”

Their son Garrett, whose outgoing, adorable personality is electric, has already impressed the stars of the show.


“You realize the hope he gives to others, that is why we are here.”

Despite living with Spina Bifida, nothing holds him back.

“An inspiration to those who are not just disabled but folks who are able this kid doesn't stop.”

For those who work with and live next to the Grommesh family, there is no one more deserving.

They give more to the community than anyone I know they do things out of their pocket and do more than anyone I know love the kids and do a lot for them and so they are very deserving of this.

In just one week, the old house will be moved and thousands of volunteers from Fargo Moorhead will get the new one up; all this while the Grommeshes are sent on their first vacation ever.

“Our first vacation to the Bahamas really?”

Considering all this family has been through, they think nothing of giving or helping others. Today, a giddy Garrett wheeled around his neighborhood, as his mother said her good-byes.

“So happy for you.”

After today their life will never be the same, and the entire valley will be here to watch it unfold.

“It will be such a life changing thing, I cannot imagine, it will be have a fully accessible house for him, a dream come true, it really is.”


The Grommeshes live just off 8th street on 22nd avenue. For several weeks, Moorhead Police and Street Departments have been working out a plan to close streets to traffic.

A four block area is shut down, so thousands of volunteers and crew can get in and out. While the Grommeshes apologized to neighbors, those living next door couldn't be happier.

“We think it's great. I mean they're a fantastic family. They have some real challenges of their own, with their son, Garrett, with his disabilities but they're out there helping everybody else and they've created Hope Inc. And you know they're out there making sure that other kids that have disabilities really are able to enjoy the sports like the kids without disabilities. It's fantastic. It really is.”

Advance crews have been here several weeks, working with city offices for building permits, and ironing out traffic and safety issues. Crowds gathered along 8th Street, once word got out about the Makeover location. Many came to sneak a peak at the stars.

Ty Pennington was in town for the big announcement. He says he's impressed with the huge turnout of volunteers. The show came to Fargo-Moorhead after the local builders of Heritage Homes urged ABC to consider a family here. Heritage has worked with the show on two other makeovers. Pennington says after spending time with the Grommeshes and learning about their non-profit, Hope Inc, it is clear this is a deserving family.

“There is not an easy day in their life and they want to do so much for so many and that is what is great about this week is that we can not only help out this family but another family.”

As we speak, construction crews are already on site, doing work through the night. We will be covering this build all week.