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Published September 22, 2010, 09:06 AM

Crews rip up new flood walls after finding major faults

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - Just months after new flood walls were finished in South Moorhead, crews are ripping them up after major faults were found. The two flood walls protect a vulnerable area around a pumping station just west of 40th Avenue south in the River Haven neighborhood. Now crews have to inspect and rebuild.

Crews have already removed the south side of the flawed flood wall and as you can see, they're working to remove the north side.

Moorhead engineers say they noticed the south wall had settled, and left a gap about an inch and a half wide. Then they discovered a crack in the north wall, all built by John T. Jones Construction after the 2009 flood.

The wall will have to be rebuilt at a cost of about 130-thousand dollars. Engineers say the issue is not homeowners’ safety, instead, having to rip up this new protection.

TROWBRIDGE/ASST. CITY ENGINEER: "The wall shouldn't have settled, we shouldn't have had the problem. Our position at this point is that we're suspecting that there was a construction issue. Probably have something to with insufficient compaction. So that's what our suspicion is. We need to confirm that."

Moorhead City engineers and John T. Jones Construction are inspecting the site, and hope to have results soon, deciding who is to blame and who will pay.

Moorhead engineers will have to go before the city council next week to approve the spending. They say they may have to take legal action if the construction company is at fault and disputes the claims.