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Published September 17, 2010, 10:01 AM

High School Cheerleaders Fight Breast Cancer

WAHPETON, ND (WDAY TV) - Nearly 40-thousand women have died this year from breast cancer, that from the National Cancer Institute. So Cheerleaders from Wahpeton High School are doing their part, locally to spread awareness, and help find a cure.

Any given Friday night in Wahpeton you'll see plenty of purple and yellow flooding the stands.

But tonight was a bit different, pink was the color for many fans. It was the usual school spirit as Wahpeton faced off with Shanley. But the spirit that was louder, IT was spirit of survivors.

Phyllis James: "I kept saying, I need to go get them, I need to go get them, my mom had breast cancer, so yea I got to support it."

Phyllis's mother passed away from breast cancer a few years ago.

Phyllis James: "It wasn’t anything nice, nothing nice, I mean she was in pain she didn't want to take the medicine no more" And tonight she came not for the game, but to pick up a few t-shirts.

Phyllis James: "I think its great, it needs to be done, if they don't do it I don't know who will, I’m glad." The Wahpeton Cheerleaders organized their second "Sprit of Survivors" fundraiser.

130-shirts were sold at the school all week.

Tonight they sold more than 30. Brianna Johnson: "It's so fulfilling, I’m so excited that it has blown up to be this big."

The cheerleaders were able to donate 800-dollars last year to the Susan G. Komen foundation, helping find a cure.

Even the players supported the cause... dawning their pink socks.

Brianna Johnson: "Their really excited to be able to wear them, and I think its really great at and our crowd has just accepted it." As these pink fans cheered for a win, the players fought for a win.

But together they battled towards a cure.

100-percent of what they make is donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation. But 75-percent of those funds will help find a cure, here at home in North Dakota.