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Published September 19, 2010, 10:25 AM

EGF church members spend the day helping the community

East Grand Forks, Minn. (WDAZ TV) - A church in East Grand Forks says helping the community is just as important as Sunday service. Members of Mendenhall Presbyterian Church rolled up their sleeves to do fall yard work. Brady Mallory has this story.

By: Brady Mallory, WDAY

Allen Love/Mendenhall Presbyterian: "This facility I helped build, and a lot of people in town did."

When you build, every once in a while you have to spruce it up.

Allen: "Mostly staining, staining and some colors that needs to be put on."

Members of Mendenhall Presbyterian Church in East Grand Forks are working hard as part of their Mission in Motion project. This group is spending the day cleaning up trash, and touching up Sherlock Forrest Playground.

Allen: "It's our big fall project! We just decided to do this!"

The volunteers here say cleaning this park is pretty important to them, but it's not their only project of the day.

Keri Shelton/Pastor: "We volunteer to do yard and home repairs for members of our community that couldn't do it for themselves."

This group is pruning bushes, cleaning light fixtures and painting. The manual labor is only part of their mission to reach out to the community.

Keri: "A lot of homes we work at have people at home. We get to visit with them as well."

Margaret Sorenson. "Aren't I lucky to have them come out and do this for me?"

79-year-old Margaret Sorensen says as she gets older, it is nice to have someone else do her yard work. But these volunteers won't leave empty-handed.

Margaret: "Oh, I have some cokes in the fridge, some cookies for them. Yeah I can do that.

When the rakes and paint brushes are put away, it will complete their second year of service for their Mission in Motion Project with hopes of seeing it grow even more.

Allen: "Eventually we'd like the whole community!"

Members also got homes ready for winter.