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Published September 19, 2010, 09:33 AM

Oakes teen competing to be the nation's fastest texter

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - An Oakes teenager has a chance at winning 100-thousand dollars and the title of the nation's fastest texter. The 14-year old has already received a new phone and will use it to compete against the country's fastest texters.

Mariah Kelly and her father John are off to New York City on a free trip paid for by Mariah's quick thumbs.

"That's all she does."

Mariah is one of 32 texters from across the country who qualified for the LG texting competition. In the next couple of days she'll be competing in events like a texting obstacle course, texting blitz, and even a blindfolded texting competition.

"I'm actually really good at texting without looking because in school if I don't look while I'm texting, I just sit there and go like that at the teacher."

Research shows an average American teen sends and receives about 3 thousand text messages every month. Mariah sends and receives that many messages every couple of days, she averages somewhere between 30 and 40 thousand messages every month."

"That's my average so sometimes it could be more."

John says after Mariah's first cell phone bill they immediately switched to unlimited texts.

"It was a lot. It was 800 dollars."

Now maybe she could pay back the texting over charges. First place this week is a 100 thousand dollar prize and if she doesn't win, maybe John can the parents will have a fun competition as well.”

"I do it with one hand so, I’m kind of slow.”

“I think it takes him 20 minutes to reply."

The competition starts tomorrow. The final 8 compete Tuesday.