WDAY: The News Leader

Published September 16, 2010, 09:55 AM

Largest DUI crack down in ND history to launch in October

(WDAY TV) - 28-People have lost their lives in alcohol related crashes in North Dakota this year, that from the Highway Patrol. To stop that number from growing, city, county, state, and tribal law enforcement will be making their presence seen more than ever throughout the state.

Jim Prochniak: "This is the kick off, this is the start, this is just the beginning, and this is the commitment."

6-thousand people were arrested on North Dakota roads in 2009 for drunk driving. So for anyone looking to become another statistic, law enforcement is teaming up for the largest DUI crack down in the states history.

The new regional DUI task force will launch October first. The state is split in to 8-regions. City, county, state and tribal authorities from each region will pick a day or a weekend to saturate the area, especially for holiday weekends, or events drawing a large crowd.

Elmer Four Dance: "As a leader, we've got to dig down deep, and we've got to work with our communities and put fourth the effort that it takes to actually ensure this program is a success."

99 agencies are taking part in the new task force. Authorities will be more visible and will work together, not as separate departments and cross into each other’s territory.

Matt Anderson: "I think with all the agencies working together at the same time, throughout the year, it will really help the smaller agencies."

Officers hope the new program will put an end to drunk driving, making sure sober drivers make it home, and the ones drunk are off the road.

Matt Anderson: “It might not be the solution, but it will be part of the solution, and it's a start."

Behind Bismarck, Fargo is the second largest participating region with 15 law enforcement agencies on the task force.