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Published August 29, 2010, 09:32 AM

Youngsters get roped into the world of rodeo

Mandan, ND (WDAY TV) - It's a rough and rugged sport and some youngsters are getting their first chance at the fast-paced world or rodeo and goat-roping. Reporter Amber Shatz gives us a look at what might get young rodeo-goers roped into the sport.

By: Amber Schatz, WDAY

“The basic source that I did it was to start these kids young and keep the rodeo spirit alive."

While the main events happen in the big arena, a goat-roping side business is catching a lot of young customers.

"Like they press a button to open the shoot and then the goat just runs out and you try and catch it."

Eight-year-old Randy Clarys is no stranger to rodeos.

"I do poles, rails, goat-tail-tying, keyhole, musical chairs, I do lots of stuff."

But this is her first time attempting to rope something other than a dummy.

"It's really fun. You get to see people you don't normally get to see."

"Really builds up their confidence actually, lot of these kids are roping on a dummy, but once they're on kind of a live animal it builds up their confidence, and we have had a few kids that haven't really touched a rope before, that have been roping the goats and have stepped up to do horseback."

He's been running "Kidyup Goat-roping" at different events around the state for two years now. With more than 20 goats to choose from, it's great practice for the future.

"When the little kids catch it for the very first time, I don't think you could give them the biggest Christmas present in the world, I don't think it would be as simple as a thing as roping a goat."

"It's fun and it's an easy way to learn."

11-year-old Bailey Morman is watching his brother compete at the Mandan rodeo, but during some downtime, this is the entertainment.

"They put the goat in the shoot, and get ready to rope it, just nod your head and be ready to swing and throw."

As for that first catch, here's one caught on camera.

"You feel really happy."

"Kidyup Goat-Roping" owners say they were busiest during the Bowman High School finals. The next event will be Bismarck High School rodeo in the spring.