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Published August 26, 2010, 09:43 AM

Harley Jo's Wish: 11-year old runs food drive campaign

Breckenridge, Minn. (WDAY TV) - It's not your typical lemonade stand along Highway-75 in Breckenridge. You'll see a gang of kids outside holding signs, but as you pass by, you'll see donated canned food and bracelets for sale. It's part of Harley Jo's wish, a food drive campaign run by an 11-year old girl. This is the third and final year of the stand.

Don't be fooled by this cute little lemonade stand. The brains behind this business has big plans.

Harley Jo first started her wish campaign two years ago with a simple goal, feed the hungry. At first, it was Harley, her mom, and a friend doing all the work, but she's been recruiting.

“We've actually gotten more in a few days with them than just me and like, one or two friends.

Harley and her gang of helpers have gone door to door collecting cans and have been out here all week, selling their goods. Harley's longtime friend Lillisa looks forward to this every summer.

“I'm like, can I help? I just want to help with this and I felt proud that I was helping. I just felt proud and I got a lot of customers and I’m like wow, oh my gosh!”

Harley Jo has also been organizing on Facebook, promoting her week-long drive. She's determined to reach her goal of raising 500 dollars.

“She wants to do bigger and better things with it. She doesn't want to let it go and be a little lemonade stand.”

“I don't see it going away any time soon. She has big hopes.”

Harley Jo's mom says she couldn't be more proud of her little girl; someone who she says has more than her share of heart.

“She's about to turn 12, but I admire her.

The stand will be set up tomorrow at the Thrifty Horizons in Breckenridge. Hotdogs, ice cream, lemonade, and bracelets will be for sale from 11 am to 2 or until they're all gone.