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Published August 21, 2010, 02:54 PM

Teams take on grape stomping challenge at the Wine and Grape Festival

Buffalo, ND (WDAY TV) - Most people wouldn't think of Buffalo North Dakota as wine country, but for some who attended the Wine and Grape Harvest Festival, they had a chance to sample homemade wine. They made their own, sort of, but this wine wasn't for drinking.

Boxes and Boxes of grapes, all dumped out in to these bins. They look almost too good to eat, well they are. These grapes are not for eating or making wine. These grapes are for stomping.

Brian/Amy Pedersen: "It’s been an awesome time. I’m supposed to be combining, but I talked him in to staying home for a day."

Staying home for a day turned into Team Corkscrew. That's Amy and Brian Pederson stomping grapes at the 5th Annual Wine and Grape Festival.

Leanne Wiest: "It looks like a good time; they're having a lot of fun."

The annual festival is a wine tasting, arts and crafts show, and live bands, but the Grape stomp competition is what draws the crowd.

Leanne Wiest: "They're huffin and puffin when they come down, their stomping some grapes."

23-teams of two stomped out these grapes. One stomped while the other squished with their hands. Whoever squished the most juice out of them was the winner. Unfortunately, 5.8 ounces of juice wasn’t enough for Team Corkscrew to place in the top three, but the day off was worth it.

Amy/Brian Pedersen: "It has been awesome. We've had a fun day. I thought I was going to be safe, but no, she got me all wet too."

All these grapes end up getting thrown out so at least these foot stomped grapes won’t be ending up in your bottle of wine. The stomp was at the Red Trail Vineyard.