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Published August 19, 2010, 09:06 AM

Police warn Facebook users to be wary of new feature

(WDAY TV) - The Social networking site Facebook allows people to see what you're doing, who you're friends with, and what kind of music you like. Now, people can see where you are.

A new application launched this week called Facebook Places uses the GPS device in your cell phone to let your friends know where you are. Similar to services like Foursquare and Gowalla, it allows people to "check-in" at different locations and let friends on Facebook or Twitter know about it.

This new Facebook specific program is now only available on the latest version of the Facebook “App” on iPhone. Other advanced mobile phones can also download the feature.

As with all new advances to share information, there are always warnings about how much information you share and keeping your friend's list updated.

"You may have somebody you don't want on there. Say somebody that you broke up with from a past relationship and let's say the relationship didn't end well. Well, if they know that you're at a movie, they have an hour and a half to go possibly do something at your house or they could wait outside where you're at."

Sergeant Lykken recommends that Facebook users play around with their privacy settings so apps you use don't put you in harm's way. One feature of Facebook Places, people who use the application can see if other friends are "checked in" at nearby locations.