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Published July 25, 2010, 10:59 AM

XMA World Champion brings passion into teaching Martial Arts

Kindred, ND (WDAY Sports) - Normally we feature the major sports here on the newscast such as football or baseball. Tonight we're taking a special look at a young man who is making his mark in a sport that you may not be familiar with. I hope you're ready for some Extreme Martial Arts.

That's the sound of a World Champion. This past June in Little Rock, Arkansas, Kindred's Spencer Hill won the World Championship in XMA. What exactly is XMA?

"XMA is Extreme Martial Arts. It's a combination of traditional martial arts and acrobatics and you put it all together and do it to music."

XMA also includes weapons and what is Hill's weapon of choice?

"It is the bow staff, which is a long stick. I've always wanted to do that since I was a little kid."

And since he was a little kid he has been training in martial arts.

"I was just a 4-year old that liked watching Power Rangers and this was the closest thing. I get to wake up every morning and be a Power Ranger."

And this year all that training finally culminated in a world title.

"This was a huge thing for me because I went through a lot and fought a lot. That's what I’ve been training for my whole life."

Hill also teaches his craft at schools in both Kindred and Fargo, and he's found that experience to be very rewarding.

"Just working with little kids and seeing them progress and seeing them do well at competitions. It's almost as good as me winning."

Through competing in XMA and now teaching it to youth, Hill has learned much more than just martial arts. He's also learning what it takes to succeed in life.

"You don't just give up on things. If you really want something and you're really passionate about it, that's usually not enough. You have to be passionate about it, but then you have to go out and take it and fight for it."

Hill will be a senior at Kindred High School this fall. He says for now, he plans on defending his world title and in the future, he would like to open up his own martial arts school, or perhaps do stunt work in the movies.