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Published July 13, 2010, 02:54 PM

Brothers make a big impact with the RedHawks

Fargo, ND (WDAY Sports) - There's no other way to say it. The Hoorelbeke brothers are gigantic. Their contributions to the F-M RedHawks have also been big. In fact Jesse and Casey Hoorelbeke will both be playing in tomorrow night's Northern League All-Star game.

As WDAY 6’s Trevor Peteson reports, the two are making the most of their unique opportunity to play together for the RedHawks.

Making it into professional baseball at any level is difficult, but having two people from the same family make it, and then make it onto the same team? That's rare. But Jesse and Casey Hoorelbeke have now done it twice! They played last year in Bridgeport, Connecticut and this year with the RedHawks.

Casey: I think we do really appreciate it. We don't think about it a lot. I don't know if we realize how special it is. I'm sure it'll hit us down the line.

Jesse: “It's a blast. Get to hang out with him. We've been apart for awhile. Actually we live together. Get on each other's nerves like brothers do, but we're having fun together.”

Jesse is the elder and smaller of the Hoorelbeke brothers at 6-3, 250 pounds. He leads the Northern League in home runs. At 6-foot-8, 265 pounds, Casey is even "bigger" than his brother. He leads the league in earned run average.

Casey and Jesse have been a "big" reason, literally, for the Hawks success and thru this unique opportunity to play together, the Hoorelbeke's relationship has grown.

Jesse: “We've gotten a lot closer now. We've learned each other's quips and things. Better friends now, hanging out all the time.”

But, there's still good natured ribbing that goes on and surprisingly, it's the younger casey who's most often the instigator.

Casey: “I'm on him about stuff, lightheartedly, but if he sees something stupid I do, he'll make fun of me.”

The Hoorelbeke brothers are two big guys who have made big contributions to the RedHawks this season. As we mentioned, both Hoorelbeke's will play in tomorrow night's Northern League All-Star game as will their teammates Carlo Cota, Matt Mossey, and Alan Rick.