WDAY: The News Leader

Published July 19, 2010, 08:56 AM

Young family loses belongings to possible arson

Frazee, Minn. (WDAY TV) - Officials have not ruled out the possibility of robbery and arson after a trailer fire on Acorn Lake, just west of Frazee. 5-days ago, the family returned from an overnight trip to find thousands of dollars of electronics missing, including a 50 inch flat screen TV and laptop computer, and the entire inside of their trailer home destroyed. Officials remain tight lipped out the investigation.

It isn't much, but for Melissa Tyge and Anthony Libby, this trailer symbolized a big step forward. Their hope is now heartache after coming home to this Wednesday.

Anthony: “I opened up and everything was destroyed.”

They struggled as teenage parents to support themselves but now, at 21 and 23 were finally starting to save for a house and an August wedding. Those dreams must now take a backseat. Melissa, Anthony and their 1 and 4-year old kids moved in June first and did not yet have renters insurance.

New school clothes, furniture, photo albums all lost in what they believe was a fire set on purpose.

Melissa: “My son picked up one of his toys that was melted to the floor and was crying.”

Anthony: “This was a picture of me and my son when he was born.”

Fire officials say nothing is salvageable. Despite the dismal outlook, the couple says their family and faith keep them strong and today this surprising discovery.

“Bible was the only thing not burned.”

It shows that even a fire can't take that away. They now pray for answers on how this happened and where they can take their next step forward. Becker County Sheriff Tim Gordon says it's still an open investigation, but they have ruled out that the couple may have started the fire.