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Published July 14, 2010, 10:59 AM

New summer baseball option in Fargo

Fargo, ND (WDAY Sports) - For many years in Fargo, summer baseball options consisted of either Legion ball or Senior Babe Ruth for high school players. But this year, the Fargo Metro Expos were created and it's caused quite a stir in the Fargo baseball community.

The idea has been there for a couple of years. This year, with a strong push from a contingent of south-siders, it took hold. The Fargo Metro Baseball Association was established and created a new baseball option for high schoolers in the area, the Metro Expos.

Chad Ransom: “To give them another opportunity to still compete at a high level, but also have the opportunity to do other things in the summertime. That was the biggest key. All these kids have other activities.

Those who worked to establish the Expos felt that Fargo Senior Babe Ruth wasn't serious enough, playing mostly class-B Legion teams, and Fargo's class-A Legion team, Post 2, was too much of a commitment and didn't allow enough flexibility for kids to do other things in the summer. Something Post 2 head coach Jeff Fiechtner doesn't apologize for.

Jeff Fiechtner: “If you make a commitment, you can't be there one day, and then say I’m not going to be there the next. That's not how the real world works.

The Expos are affiliated with the US Specialty Sports Association, or USSSA. While Minnesota has USSSA teams, North Dakota has none.

Chad: “We really wanted to be a Legion program, but weren't able to get that established.”

Jeff: “If they were willing to have another team, why not do it under Post 2, like Sioux Falls does? That way, the kids, the finances, etc, are all under one.”

Which is where the rub comes in, representatives from the Expos and Post 2 don't exactly see eye to eye.

Chad: “There's been words said by both sides that they'd probably like to take back.”

Jeff: “Just the lack of communication. The bottom line is if they wanted to do something like this, a 2nd team, it needs to be in a collaborative way. Get three reps from each side and let's see what we got.”

The expos will play 35-40 in this first year, while the Fargo Post 2 has 46 games scheduled.