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Published July 05, 2010, 10:34 AM

Traffic picks up as holiday weekend comes to a close

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - The holiday weekend is slowly winding down and that means drivers are gearing up to get back on the roads and make the trip home. WDAY 6 Reporter Christina Vaughn talked with area law enforcement today about how this busy travel weekend has been and what to expect tonight.

As drivers take to the roads once again this holiday weekend, there is a warning from law enforcement to be on your guard.

“Seems like every 10, 15 minutes on the radio we hear another driving complaint. People are in a hurry to get home. People are speeding and they're passing people on the right on the shoulder.

“Just drive defensively and just be aware of your surroundings.”

While people are anxiously waiting to get home tonight, officers expect a busy night full of traffic calls. But during this holiday weekend, a time when officers say alcohol plays a big role, things have been surprisingly quiet.

“New Year's Eve, you'd think a lot of people would be out celebrating, but we don't have a lot of fatals on New Year's Eve. We don't have a lot of fatals on the 4th of July because I think people know there's more law enforcement present out there and then they just, they're making the right choices.”

“But I think people are getting better, they're heeding to those warnings. We'd rather tell them right up front what we're going to be doing and there's going to be extra people out there.”

Officers say the extra patrols out on the road will help them deal with accidents if they occur, but they hope they're only needed as a symbolic message to get people to pay attention continue to make the holiday weekend accident-free.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol is reporting no fatal accidents in our region. There have also been no fatal accidents in Clay County, but there have been handful of DUI's.