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Published June 29, 2010, 11:02 AM

Rules on fireworks differ from Fargo to Moorhead

(WDAY TV) - The countdown is on. The 4th of July is right around the corner, and like clockwork, complaints are already coming in about fireworks in city limits. WDAY 6 reporter Todd Kurtz talked to officers from both Fargo and Moorhead to find out what can get you in trouble this holiday weekend.

Rules on fireworks in city limits differ from Fargo to Moorhead. In Fargo, everything is illegal, even the sparklers and expanding worms.

"Usually a neighborhood will tolerate fireworks for a little bit of time and if it comes to a point where it's bothersome, the neighbors will call the police and then we'll come out and try and find the people."

To keep from getting in trouble, Fargo officers encourage people to take the fireworks outside city limits. But with that tip, they want parents to remember this explosive holiday can be dangerous.

"Around 50 percent of all emergency room visits dealing with fireworks involve children and you can severely be hurt."

Moorhead follows a state wide law so there is no difference from what's okay inside city limits to outside the city. Sparklers and small colorful flaming fountains that stay on the ground are OK, it's the fire crackers, bottle rockets and other aerial fireworks that'll get you in trouble.

"A lot of times people will say if it snaps or pops it's legal."

Both Fargo and Moorhead officers say they don't want to ruin anyone's 4th, but if they respond to a complaint you could be fined and worst of all officers usually end up confiscating all of your remaining fireworks.