WDAY: The News Leader

Published August 29, 2010, 04:40 PM

Improved Parking Landing At New GFK Airport Terminal

Next spring a new 23-million dollar airport terminal will open in Grand Forks. The new building will help accommodate the growing number of passengers that are using the airport, and get rid of some of the problems the current facility has and that includes parking.

By: David Schwab, WDAZ

"Construction continues on the new Grand Forks airport terminal. About 80 percent of the 23-million dollar project is coming from federal dollars.

Senator Kent Conrad: "10-12 percent growth last year. They are having 20 percent growth so far this year. So this new facility was really necessary."

Reporter: The new terminal will be double the size of the old one, with two levels. But another big change airport officials say for passengers is parking.

Patrick Dame/ Executive Director of the Grand Forks Air Port Authority : "Several phases, we can add onto the parking lot. But to start with there is gong to be 20-30 percent more parking in the existing lot long term. and short term parking lot with fast access with a booth."

Executive Director of the Grand Forks Air Port Authority Patrick Dame says parking fees are a major source of revenue for the airport so don't look for any drop in parking fees with the new building.

Patrick Dame: "We work to remain competitive through parking costs. Really the conceive side of it people. People up close to the building. I want to make sure they are getting good access to the building."

Dame says inside and out the new terminal will make the GFK flying experience first class.

Patrick Dame: " Make sure our passengers are comfortable and that they have a nice facility and this is the front door for Grand Forks. And we want to make sure it continues to look that way."

The new terminal is expected to open next spring.