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Published June 12, 2010, 03:50 PM

Landowners starting to see more wildlife in urban areas

(WDAY TV) - Urban development is bringing in a lot of new people and driving some wild life out, but with recent reports of bear, mountain lion and moose sightings, some big game animals are coming back in.

With homes and businesses going up everyday, the lines between urban jungle and natural habitat are beginning to fade.

Doug Leier: "It’s becoming more and more common to have these unique animals on the fringes of our urban areas."

This home video was shot last month by a Cass County resident of a black bear on her property. These are photos or a mountain lion that was killed near Mandaree North Dakota this week, and another sighting of a mountain lion was reported near Mandan also this week.

Doug Leier: "Its a situation where nothing in nature really stays stagnant, things are always changing because the animals acclimate."

Leier says urban development tends to push out big game and wildlife, but as time goes on the wild life adapt and come back in to developed areas. But new technology he says also plays a big role.

Doug Leier: "The reports probably grow faster just because of the fact of the modern communication devices that allow people to send a picture to my cell phone of a bear."

Its just a fact of life that animals roam among us Leier says and unless a bear, a mountain lion or a moose sighting poses a threat to human life, they will continue to walk the line between the urban and underbrush. Rural residents in Harwood we talked to declined to go on camera, but they all said that they are not concerned for their safety adding it is nice to see more wild life outside their homes.