WDAY: The News Leader

Published May 28, 2010, 03:31 PM

Video: Bear sighting in Leonard, ND

Leonard, ND (WDAY TV) - Some people in rural Cass County had an unusual visitor this morning, a full grown black bear! The visit was caught on camera by a woman who lives in Kindred.

A local man was on his way to work this morning, around 6:30 when he spotted the bear in a field just south of Highway 46 and Cass County Road 9.

These pictures and video were sent in by Michelle Blegen. Her husband Harley called her from the road to tell her about the bear. Blegen says when she went to find the bear; it was walking around in the field, heading north and moving fast.

She tried to stay with it for as long as possible to get as many pictures and videos as she could. Blegen says she was concerned to see the bear walking around because there are a lot of cattle and horse farms nearby. But animal experts say people shouldn't be worried for their livestock.

“Sometimes people get misconceptions in their mind and these black bears; generally they're going be eating vegetation. They’ll eat ants and bees; a lot of their diet does consist of vegetation.”

A word of warning from animal experts, they say while sightings like these are exciting, they say to always make sure and keep your distance from the animal and to keep safety in mind. A black bear was seen near Hankinson earlier this week. Leier says there's no way to know if it is the same bear.