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Published May 29, 2010, 02:51 PM

Rare birth in Bagley catches national attention

Bagley, Minn. (WDAY TV) - The rare birth of a Bagley Minnesota baby is catching the attention of some well known talk show hosts. As we told you Monday, the baby's mother gave birth while driving. Reporter Megan Matthews has our story.

By: Megan Matthews, WDAY

Amanda Norgaard McBride didn't think her third labor would be any different than the first two. So when she started feeling labor pains while she was working last Wednesday night, she got into the car and headed for the hospital.

"I got a phone call about a quarter to midnight saying it's time, it's time."

Amanda picked up her boyfriend, but stayed in the driver's seat because Joseph has a history of seizures. The couple took off to the nearest hospital in Bemidji.

"I was just thinking about going to the hospital."

All of a sudden, Amanda's water broke.

"Well my water broke and next thing I could feel him right behind it and I was like well he's coming. It's not going to wait."

What happened next has people across the nation talking, including ABC’s Regis and Kelly.

"There are questions I want answered. Like what were you wearing when the baby just slid on out? And onto the floor or onto the seat?! Well you are generally sitting on the area that would allow the baby...alright it didn't happen."

Oh but it did happen. Amanda gave birth to an 8 pound baby boy all while driving.

"I stuck it on cruise because that way I could turn and not worry about having to do the pedals and I’m like grab the wheel."

And to answer Kelly’s question, Aamanda was wearing pants.

"Yeah these pants."

She pulled them down just in time for baby Joseph to come out.

"One or two pushes and he was here."

"Good for her, she's my new fertility hero."

"I don't know, it was just my easiest labor. It wasn't painful and it was just one or two pushes and he was here."

Amanda caught Joseph before he hit the ground, held him in her arms until the got to the hospital where they declared him a healthy baby boy. Amanda and little Joseph are both doing just fine.