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Published May 25, 2010, 10:52 AM

35 homes bought in flood prone areas are going to the highest bidder

Oxbow, ND (WDAY TV) - If you're looking for a house, even parts of a house, you're in luck. Cass County is looking for the highest bidder on 35 homes bought in flood prone areas, even if all you plan to do is salvage what you want and leave the rest.

35 homes are for the highest bidder, including these houses in Oxbow. They will be auctioned off Thursday at the Holiday Inn starting at 1pm.

Rodney Steffes: Some of the homes are damaged extensively, some of them aren’t. Some of the ones that aren’t damaged are also very big and hard to move.”

And since some are too big to move, like this 28-thousand square foot rambler, the county will allow you to buy a house merely to salvage its parts. It will use that money to offset demolition costs.

The cost to landfill a home isn't cheap. In Moorhead, it's 22-thousand dollars per house. Interest is coming from people all over the region, including many who want one of these as a second home, or lake place.

If you want to move a home, you should contact a mover before you bid to make sure it can be done. Learn more about the homes at

In Moorhead, there was a change in plans. The City manager says its flood buyout homes can be moved anywhere. At First, the city wanted them kept in city limits to maintain its tax base. Now the city wants them out.

“It's really important we get these homes cleared or demolished or moved, so that we can get access to the properties build our dikes, build our flood walls that we need to build.”

For more information on the Moorhead homes, visit