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Published May 15, 2010, 03:20 PM

Controversial Wheaton pastor: Violent actions were justified

Wheaton, Minn. (WDAY TV) - After accusations of violence in Wheaton, controversial pastor Danny Barnes is serving seven years in prison. Barnes enforced what he calls "God's Law" on church members at Thy Kingdom Come, which helps recovering addicts. KSAX Reporter Anthony Kiekow (KEY-COH) has the first in this three parts series.

By: Anthony Kiekow, KSAX

Man of god and Stillwater prison inmate number 116818; both titles Danny Barnes welcomes. Barnes is serving a 7 year sentence after forcefully removing a member of his church from a house where he says drugs were being used.

"Did I violate the law? As it's written I believe I did. Was it justified? Absolutely."

Why does Barnes think it was justified?

"A pastor not only has the right he has the obligation."

Barnes tells us he even has the right to use violence when quote "redeeming the lost," but those methods have him behind prison walls.

"Somebody had to be here. Martin Luther King had to go to jail. Anytime you have people who changed the world, they are persecuted."

So how does Barnes plan on changing the face of the world from prison?

"I want a law enacted to give pastors the right to do what God called them to do."

While Barnes wants to change the law to make what he did legal he doesn't exactly deny being guilty.

"I'm guilty of loving the Unites States of America. I joined in."

And he hopes his fellow prisoners at Stillwater join in too.

"I transfer the ministry anywhere I go."

Even in a place full of hardened criminals Barnes says his philosophy won't change for one reason.

"I’m as hard as anyone out there."