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Published May 12, 2010, 09:11 AM

Mayor Walaker: Caller asking for re-election campaign money is a scam

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Mayor Walaker is warning people about a phone scam, where a person asks for money saying it's for Walaker's re-election campaign. Walaker reported the scam to police and now he's trying to get the word out so no one becomes a victim.

Mayor Walaker got word of the scam yesterday, when a woman called and left a message on his home answering machine. Walaker says he doesn't have any information about the caller, he says the woman didn't leave her name, she only told him that the scammer asked for a minimum of a 15 dollar donation to Walaker's campaign.

Walaker says he's already contacted people for donations, and he's done that by mailers, he and his campaign manager haven't given any permission for people to call and solicit money. Fargo's mayor says it's unfortunate that someone's trying to take advantage of people in his name.

“To have somebody go out there and do this seems like it's violating my own; well first of all it's violating my ethics, but it's also violating the public trust.”

Mayor Walaker says if anyone does get a phone call like this, he wants them to write down the number, and call police immediately.