WDAY: The News Leader

Published April 15, 2010, 08:26 AM

Family credits 21-year old's sacrifice for saving their son

Moorhead, Minn. (WDAY TV) - 12-year-old Devan VanBrunt was severely burned on Sunday when a charcoal grill soaked with gasoline blew up in his face. The Moorhead boy will likely spend six weeks in a twin cities hospital. For the first time since the accident, Devan's family is talking about what happened.

Devan has a lot of healing ahead of him, but his parents say the future looks promising for the badly burned boy. They say after coming out of surgery today, he smiled for the first time since Sunday night's accident.

Devan's parents still have a hard time realizing that their football-loving, clarinet-playing 12-year old is facing months in the hospital.

Robyn: “It still seems like a dream to me I can't believe it happened.”

He'll have surgeries and skin grafts to heal the burns covering the upper part of his body. He got them when a grill exploded Sunday night at his north Moorhead home.

Bill: “He decided he wanted to have a BBQ and things kind of got out of control.”

His parents heard the blast and ran toward the yard.

“I looked over toward my house, it looked like fire rushing out of my home, but it was actually my son on fire.”

Robyn: ”He was on fire in flames. He was really responsive. He stopped, dropped, and rolled and everything and it still wouldn't go out so then he yelled 'water' and we ran in the house and got water.”

We still don't know exactly why Good Samaritan Dane Twedt collapsed after hearing the blast and running to help. Police say he went into cardiac arrest.

Bill: “And the family who rushed in to help my family, they lost their son and I'm really sorry for that, you know and I'll always forever consider them a part of my family to this day and on because what they did was such a courageous thing.”

Dane's funeral is tomorrow at 2pm at River Valley Church in Moorhead. Devan will likely be at Regions Hospital for the next month and a half. Then his parents hope he will be transferred home to a local hospital.