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Published April 02, 2010, 03:29 PM

Can the unbeatable Connecticut women's basketball team take on the men?

(WDAY Sports) - It's been the hot topic all over TV and radio sports talk shows this week. Could the unbeatable Connecticut women's basketball team, who has won 76 straight games, beat a men's squad? Our resident basketball nut Trevor Peterson wanted some answers.

“Could they? They could beat an NAIA team or D-2 school. Night in and night out, I’m not always sure, because of the athletic side, the size of players.”

“I don't even know if they could beat them. I'm not sure, six foot guard is one of their wing players or post players, so I think they'd struggle with things like that.”

“You're looking at a two-five inch height advantage at each position. That alone would make it real difficult for them.”

Bison Assistant Kelly Roysland played against UCONN as a member of the gophers in the 2004 Final Four.

“I don't doubt that any given night they could beat a D-2 team or a NAIA team. Do I think it would happen every night? No because of those different athleticism factors.”

Like UCONN, the Bison women also practice against guys.

“They're obviously faster, but they move so much better without the basketball. That's one of the toughest things to teach women's basketball players, something that the men we practice against do so well.”

Concordia SID Jim Cella has worked several women's tournament games and seen high level D-1 athletes like UCONN's up close.

“I’ll probably being in the minority, I think they could compete very well. I think they beat most Division 3 teams for the men.”

“Connecticut's execution and ability to play would take them a long ways, but it would be very difficult to get over that hump for 40 minutes, that's organized and knows what they're doing.”

The fact that folks are even discussing UCONN against a men's team proves just how good the Huskies are.