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Published April 01, 2010, 09:06 AM

Public health officials say H1N1 is still a threat

(WDAY TV) - While the state of Minnesota ranks in the top-ten for H-1-N-1 vaccinations, the threat is not over and public health officials want more of you to get vaccinated.

By: Kevin Wallevand, WDAY

This comes at a time when more than 70-million doses of the vaccine nation wide may have to be thrown out because they will expire. Here at home, Cass and Clay counties are no longer using the "mist-spray."

In a carefully temperature controlled refrigerator, Clay County's nasal mist, a thousand doses, sit waiting to be discarded. It has a shorter shelf life than the injectable and has expired.

“What we had is no longer viable and had to be pulled from the stock.”

There is plenty of injectable H1N1 vaccine to go around. Those will not expire for another year. And so for those parents whose children got the first dose of mist...

“People have been complacent about that second dose for their children up to age nine. Just because they had it once they need the second dose for protection.”

At Fargo Cass Public Health, more than 20,000 doses were given out during the winter.

“It follows no certain pattern so, it is still out there and a concern so if people haven’t been vaccinated it would be a good idea.”

In Clay County, 85-hundred doses were given out.

“So it’s not too late.”

Despite the lull in attention paid to H1N1, Public Health wants nothing more than to use up the supply on those who haven't come in. It is estimated that between 81 and 90 million doses of the H-1-N-1 vaccine were give out across the country this winter.