WDAY: The News Leader

Published March 30, 2010, 09:35 AM

Long spring fight ahead for southeast North Dakota

(WDAY TV) - For the past few days rivers have been creeping back to their banks, but with overland flooding still a big problem and no bank for the water to return to, people living in Southern North Dakota still have a long spring of flooding ahead of them.

By: Dylan Wohlenhaus, WDAY

Chris Sandvig spends a lot of time patrolling this area. Whether it’s as Chief Deputy for Ransom County or as a waterfowl hunter he has seen his fair share of water.

Chris Sandvig: "I spend a lot of time hunting here and it’s definitely the worst I’ve seen it"

Chris Sandvig: "All the red marks are what's under water or washed out."

Nearly sixty miles of roads are either closed or washed out around Ransom County this year, making it tough for anyone trying to navigate down these new rural waterways.

Bud Lyon: "Everybody’s got problems around the County."

Chris Sandvig: "And that number I’m guessing will go up throughout the spring here for a while until we get caught up on everything."

It's a familiar experience to those living here; all this overland flooding was the main cause of one hundred and twenty road closures last year, a number that was recorded in June.

Chris Sandvig: "It’s dry and we are enjoying the weather but hopefully it stays that way so we can come in repair and let these roads firm up a little bit."

With the Sheyenne river level falling each day, this overland flooding is just sitting here washing out many of these gravel roads. With last year’s budget for the flood fight depleted from repairing roads that are either gone or under water, about the only thing that is left to do, is wait.

If you would like a map detailing all the road closures throughout Ransom County you are asked to contact the Ransom County Sheriffs Department.