WDAY: The News Leader

Published March 29, 2010, 08:37 AM

6 arrested after one of the biggest meth seizures in Clay County

(WDAY TV) - It's one of the biggest meth seizures Clay County has ever seen that led to another seizure in West Fargo, getting a total of almost one pound of meth and 6 possible distributors off the streets.

To give you an idea, one ounce of crystal meth is about the size of this golf ball. Authorities seized fourteen of these. Estimated value: 70-thousand dollars.

8 ounces of that, plus some marijuana, mushrooms, 2 guns, 15-thousand dollars cash and a vehicle were seized at two locations. One was at 21601 162nd avenue south, the other at 401 3rd street northwest in Barnesville. This investigation led to another search in West Fargo where another 6 ounces of Meth and about 15-thousand dollars were found.

6 people were arrested at the Barnesville homes on 1st degree controlled substance charges. 42-year old Debbie Neels, 41-year old James Asplin, 36-year old Shay Asplin, 43-year old Carl Renecker and 26-year old Aleise Lafayette are all from Barnesville. 23-year old Ashley Haug is from Fargo.

Lt. Stephen Landsem: “It was very significant. It is a big arrest for us, especially in a rural setting. It shows that it is reaching out.”

All 6 people are being held at the Clay County jail. The attorney's office is deciding whether they'll face additional charges.