WDAY: The News Leader

Published March 16, 2010, 09:46 AM

Wahpeton/Breckenridge leaders worried about the amount blockage in the river

Wahpeton, ND (WDAY TV) - The second crest prediction for the Red in Wahpeton Breckenridge is 17-feet. Some don't think it'll get that high, but they're also worried about the amount of blockage still in the river.

Just looking at the water behind me shows the magnitude of the ice buildup still in the Red River here in Wahpeton/Breckenridge and that's concerning local leaders. Today, Breckenridge's mayor, the Wilkin County highway engineer, sheriff and others met to talk about what they need keep an eye on.

The problem is that there's so much snow and ice still built up south of the city, heading their way soon. When the river crested last year, there was hardly any left. Officials say they are nowhere near done fighting.

TOM RICHELS/WILKIN COUNTY HIGHWAY ENGINEER: "We're still seeing 30 percent snow cover 10-15 miles south of here and with the 55 degree temperatures that they're talking about, that will send that water into the Bois De Sioux River and then on north."

Some of the tributaries running into the Red down here were dropping earlier today, but the Bios De Sioux is still on the rise. There is talk of releasing water from the Traverse Dam on Sunday, sending water this way and that would keep the river down here, higher, longer.