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Published March 02, 2010, 08:35 AM

I-Phone application named after famous golfer

(WDAY TV) - As if it couldn't get worse for Tiger Woods, he now has an Apple I-Phone application named after him. The program is called "Tiger-Text". It allows people to send messages that will automatically delete, taking away the chance for someone to show it to a media outlet, girlfriend, or someone else you don't want to see it.

The "TigerText" application allows people with an apple I-phone to send messages just like a text message. But here's the part that could have helped out Tiger. When users send a message, you set a time period for how long the recipient can read the message, once the time runs out the message disappears from the phone. Other features, the sent message is never stored on the senders’ phone and recipients can't save or forward it.

We took the idea to a college campus to see what some guys just hearing about the application thought of it. The ones who have an I-phone immediately downloaded it and all the guys joked saying finally a counter defense to the opposite sex.

"You know how girls are they like to, if you're dating someone and they want to check your phone, I think it'd be effective for that."

"You know how girls are they can snoop easy."

"I like the name too."

"It's funny just with the situation and everything because if he would have had it, he wouldn't be in the situation he's in now, losing millions."

The guys did say they're more likely to have fun with the app than actually use it to hide something.

"I'd rather goof around with the guys than use it to keep a secret."

"As the guys we like to joke around a lot so I can easily send a text like talking junk or something and they say I said something, and I’d say what are you talking about show me the text message."

A new tool that's sure to catch on quick. The messages are actually stored on "TIGERTEXT" servers and once the elapsed time hits, they erase from there as well.